To manage SCST we will use scstadmin with switches:

  • driver - always qla2x00t (compiled with scst)
  • target - it's WWPN (World Wide Port Number) adressfrom our SAN card (scstadmin -list_target)

Creating new block device

scstadmin -open_dev DEVICE_NAME -handler vdisk_blockio -attributes filename=/dev/DEVICE/DEVICE_NAME

Creating new group

We are adding new group in with will all initiators and specific luns

 scstadmin -add_group GROUP -driver qla2x00t -target 21:00:00:1b:32:12:86:b3

Adding initiator to a group

scstadmin -add_init INITIATOR -driver qla2x00t -target 21:00:00:1b:32:12:86:b3 -group GROUP

Assigning a lub or a device to a group

 scstadmin -add_lun 10(LUN_NUMBER) -driver qla2x00t -target 21:01:00:1b:32:32:86:b3 -group GROUP -device DEVICE

List established sessions

 scstadmin -list_session (|grep Session) 

Save your config

 scstadmin -write_config /etc/scst.conf